Sometimes it can happen that the delivered email with the order ends up in the SPAM folder. It is therefore necessary to check junk mail as well. Thank you.


The online payment process on our website is managed by the Gopay payment system, the gateway is provided by GOPAY s.r.o., which is licensed as a payment institution and is supervised by the Czech National Bank. All payments made through this system are highly secure and all your data is thoroughly encrypted with an SSL certificate.


Credit/Debit card

The easiest and fastest way to pay online is by using the Gopay payment gateway. Simply enter your card number, expiry date and CVC code - the three numbers located on the back of the card in the signature area. Everything is protected using the 3D Secure standard. Therefore, you're likely to be asked for a verification code, which you'll receive via SMS from your bank.


Google and Apple pay

Choose to pay easily and quickly using Google Pay or Apple Pay. After selecting one of these payment options, you will be redirected to the interface of your chosen service. Then, simply verify the payment using your device's security method, whether it's a fingerprint or facial recognition, and confirm the payment order you've already prepared.


Online bank transfer payment

Make a quick payment via your online banking with the Gopay payment gateway. After selecting this option, Gopay will bring you directly to your online bank. There, you simply log in and confirm your pre-populated payment order.


Payment by bank transfer

A classic transfer to our bank account, which you enter in online banking. The order can only be processed after the payment has been credited to our account.


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